Alabama’s New DUI Law – Ignition Interlock

source site Posted By on Sep 6, 2014

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follow site DUI Penalties First offense: A First DUI Offense is charged as a misdemeanor, and upon conviction a person may be sentenced as follows: up to 365 days in jail, a fine not to exceed $2,100.00, a driver’s license suspension of 90 to 365 days, required to attend a court ordered substance abuse program, probation, and ordered to have an ignition interlock installed on their primary vehicle. Second offense: A Second DUI Offense is charged...

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Expungement Law Passed

follow url Posted By on Aug 27, 2014

viagra in uk In April of this year, Alabama passed legislation that allows certain people to petition a court in Alabama to have a criminal record expunged. Now, for the first time in Alabama, residents who have been charged with a non-violent felony, misdemeanor offense, violation, traffic violation, or municipal ordinance violation, BUT WERE NOT CONVICTED, may be able to erase the arrest record from public view entirely. Specifically, if a...
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